In Sri Ramakrishna Advaita Ashrama, Kalaldy, the renovated Ma Sarada Power House was inaugurated today, the 10th June 2020 at 10 am by Swami Akshayatmanandaji in the presence of Swami Srividyananda, Ashrama Adhyaksha, Monks & Brahmacharis. Also present were the staff & volunteers of the Ashrama, Principal-in-charge of Brahmanandodayam HSS, Headmaster of BHS, Headmistresses of BSUPS, BJBS and SRKEM Nursery School and other teachers. Before the inauguration, special puja was performed to Thakkur, Ma & Swamiji.

A new 82.5 kV Generator with automatic change over system was installed in the Power House in the place of the old one. With the installation of this new generator, all the seven separate electrical meters at the Ashrama Office, Hostel, Auditorium, Temple, Thakkur Kitchen, Guest House & Pump House were put together into one C.T. Meter. Power failures would automatically be changed over to the power generated by the new system within 10 seconds resulting in an uninterrupted power supply.

I invite you all to visit Sri Ramakrishna Advaita Ashrama, Kalady and get blessings of Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna, Ma Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda once the present COVID-19 crisis is over. I am sure with the blessings of the Holy Trio, you would be able to make the most desired visit to the Ashrama. With the inauguration of the Maa Sarada Power House, you would all enjoy an uninterrupted power supply during your stay in the Ashrama Guest House. Needless to mention all these are possible by the unstinting support of devotees like you.