Covid-19 Pandemic Distress Relief Activities

4th Day (03/04/2020)

In the wake of complete lock-down of the country due to the alarming COVID-19 pandemic, Sri Ramakrishna Advaita Ashrama, Kalady, Kerala started distress relief activities from 31/03/2020. Today, the 4th day of the activities, we covered 5 wards of the Kalady Panchayat, viz. Ward 3 (Vattapparambu), Ward 4 (Yordhanapuram), Ward 6 (Nettinampilly), Ward 13 (Mattoor North) and Ward 17 (Mattoor West).

We have distributed the following items to 283 people – all migrated labourers from other states – spread over 15 distribution points, staying in very pathetic conditions. At one point some of them were eagerly enquiring us as to why we are so late with the relief materials, thinking that the relief came from the government. When some of them recognized our monks, they were very happy. Just then came the police who also appreciated our efforts in providing essential supplies.

Our supplies would suffice their needs till the end of the lockdown.

1. Rice : 1415 kgs.

2. Dal : 130 kgs.

3. Soap : 283 nos.

4. Potato : 225 kgs.

5. Onion : 225 kgs.

6. Chilly Powder : 15 kgs.

7. Coriander power : 15 kgs.

8. Washing Powder : 15 kgs.

9. Lyzol : 15 ltr.

10. Oil : 48 ltrs.

The relief activities will continue in the remaining wards of Kalady Panchayat.