Covid-19 Epidemic Distress Relief Activities – 1st Day

In the wake of complete lock-down of the country due to the alarming Covid-19 pandemic, Sri Ramakrishna Advaita Ashrama, Kalady, Kerala started distress relief works on 31/03/2020 in Kalady Panchayat.

A team headed by Swami Srividyananda and volunteers from Brahmanandodayam School and nearby residents was constituted for this distress relief activity. The members of the team were explained the seriousness of this disease and stressed the need for everyone to take precaution and safety measures. They expressed their happiness in being part of this noble relief work.

After obtaining necessary vehicle movement permissions from Kalady Police for the transportation of the essential food items, the team moved to locations identified by the Kalady Panchayat.

The main focus of this relief activity is non-native labours residing in groups in various parts of the Kalady Panchayat. Relief kits contained essential items for cooking for 7 days. The list of items supplied and quantity is given below. They also distributed pamphlets in Bengali and Hindi which highlighted the do’s and dont’s in the wake of Corona-19 virus spread.

Today, the team handed over kits to 82 beneficiaries in Ward-11 of Kalady Panchayat. Another kit was supplied to 4 members of a family who are living in a quarantine house. In certain places of Kalady Panchayat, mass cooking is going on. In Manickamangalam where there were shortages of essential items for this mass cooking, we have supplied our kits and helped them to continue their food supply.

In total, we have supplied the following quantities of items on 31/03/2020:

1. Rice : 1400 kg

2. Dal : 278 kgs.

3. Onion : 85 kgs.

4. Salt : 50 kgs.

5. Oil : 120 ltrs.

6. Potato : 85 kgs.

7. Chilly Powder : 17 kgs.

8. Coriander power : 17 kgs.

9. Toilet Soaps : 100 pcs.

10. Washing Powder : 10 kgs.

11. Lotion : 10 ltrs.

The relief activities will continue in other wards of Kalady Panchayat in the days to come.

We, Kalady Monastics, volunteers and staff are keeping well.